Conference Topics

New ideas are the focus of XP Universe. Reports on experiments, class room experiences, and case studies are welcome. But, often new ideas are founded on hard-gained experience. Reports on projects (complete or in progress), anecdotal findings, statistics, and process metrics are also welcome. While the conference will stress practical applications, experiences, and the implications of XP and other lightweight methodologies, reports on how light-weight processes relate to and can coexist with legacy and heavy-weight processes are also welcome.

Conference topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiences with implementing lightweight methodologies
    • Successes
    • Failures
    • Works in Progress
    • Obstacles
    • Adaptations of prescribed methodologies
  • Empirical findings of XP’s effectiveness
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Education and training
    • Transitioning Teams and New Team Members
    • Traditional Class Room Training
    • On-the-job Training
    • Coaching
  • Organizational issues
    • Corporate Hierarchy
    • Team Structure
    • Team and Individual Evaluation and Compensation
    • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Experiences with implementing practices
    • Requirements gathering with user stories
    • Incremental and iterative design
    • Pair programming
    • Unit and functional testing
    • Planning and releasing
    • Choosing a metaphor
    • Refactoring
    • Collective Code Ownership
    • Continuous integration
    • 40-hour work week vs. overtime
    • On-site customers vs. off-site customers
    • Use and creation of coding standards
  • Organizational/Process patterns
  • Relation to the Rational Unified Process and Other Accepted Methods
  • Relation to the CMM
  • Use of supportive software development tools
    • Tools that Help
    • Tools that Hinder
    • Simple Process Elements (Anti-Tools 
      such as Cards)
  • Scalability issues
    • Project Size
    • Project Duration
    • Project Complexity
    • New Technologies
  • XP and Human Nature
  • Choosing the right methodology for your project
    • Blending Methodologies
    • XP as a Tool Box
    • Choosing from the Lightweight Methods
  • Responding to entrepreneurial/startup software demands

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