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Extreme Programming (XP) has disrupted our view of software development.  XP is leading the software industry towards lean, adaptable development methodologies.  It may be that lighter more flexible development methodologies are here to stay or this is just one epoch of a pendulum swinging between light and heavy. In either case XP and lightweight process will change the way software is developed for some time to come. Lightweight processes include SCRUM, the Adaptive Software Process, Feature Driven Development, the Crystal series, and of course XP.  Come learn about them firsthand from the people who are leading the change.

The XP Universe mission is simple: New ideas about building software. Specifically, both disseminating and creating new ideas about rapidly building software while responding to turbulent, competitive pressures for high-quality products with exciting features.  To this end XP Universe will host tutorials, lectures, panel discussions, posters, workshops, and other less traditional discussions.  Because new ideas will be the focus of XP Universe interactive discussion formats are encouraged. Such formats include workshops, panel discussions, posters, and tutorials including hands on exercises. Innovative formats such as competitive team exercises, scripted scenarios or skits, and goldfish bowls are also welcome and appreciated.

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